Automotive Intelligent Video Surveillance System

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More powerful

Our new version of the CCTV system with 4 HD cameras for cars will be available in 2022 !

  • 1080P


    Record in 1080P around your vehicle!

  • 4 Cameras

    4 Cameras

    A system with 4 cameras!

  • 240 Gb

    240 Gb

    Do not ever limit yourself to 32GB like regular dashcams!

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Our new system5000-CAMAUP

Our new video surveillance system for motorized vehicles is equipped with 4 HD cameras. In addition to that, it records at 1080p and uses digital signal to ensure that there is no loss of color. The quality and fluidity of the recordings are unmatched on the market today. Furthermore, the flexibility of our technology allows you to decide where each camera is located inside your vehicle, taking advantage of an impressive 160-degree viewing angle per camera.

Our new video surveillance system for motorized vehicles records continuously, whether you are in your vehicle or not. Videos are recorded on an SSD drive with a minimum capacity of 240 GB. When it is full, it erases the old sequences to make room for news.

Our car surveillance camera system uses an SSD to store the recordings. Normally, dashcam cameras have a maximum capacity of 32 GB, which egals to a maximum of 2 hours of recording in 360p and 15 frames per second. With a 240GB SSD, 500GB, or even 1TB, you can review your videos of the last 1000 hours at 4 different angles in 1080p!

Our CamAuPoint system has an internal battery. Most camera in this world are rarely equipped with a built-in battery, which has the disadvantage of not being able to record what happens when you’re not in your car. With CamAuPoint, you can record for 24 hours without depending on the main battery of your vehicle!

Our motion detection software is optimized to record 10 seconds before an event occurs in front of one of the cameras and 10 seconds after. You will not miss any image of an event that has occurred! You can change the sensitivity of the motion detection system in the CamAuPoint application.

Our 5000-CAMAUP system has a stereo audio recording system inside the vehicle. Two microphones are installed to hear the sounds inside and outside the vehicle with a slight opening of window.

With our new Intelligent Camera System for car, CamAuPoint software uses the GPS signal to record the GPS coordinates of the route traveled. You are able to know exactly where the video occurred when the CamAuPoint system saved it! The software creates a route traveled by the vehicle with all the recording sequences captured by the cameras. With the GPS chip, the CamAuPoint software is able to know the speed of the vehicle on a desired video sequence.

The 5000-CAMAUP system has Wi-Fi for viewing the vehicle live from the CamAuPoint app. With the Wi-Fi connectivity system, you can access your CamAuPoint recorded videos easily. You can access it from a laptop, a desktop computer or even from your iPhone / Android smartphone!

CamAuPoint software makes your life a lot easier. It may be sometimes difficult to search for a video that occurred at a specific time, we do not know the minutes or even the time when the event occurred. But thanks to the GPS location, you have a graphical interface with the routes of your vehicle. Just select the place where the event happened and you’ll have your video directly!

CamAuPoint software has an authentication system is required when you want to see the videos inside the vehicle with a username and password. If you do not have the password, access will be denied!

CamAuPoint software on your vehicle has the ability to add 3G / LTE network to have full access at any time of the cameras in your car! You will even have the possibility to have Wi-Fi available on board the vehicle for the passengers.







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Two forgotten blind spots in Quebec!

Two forgotten blind spots in Quebec!

May 23, 2017

Faites vos angles morts lorsque vous voulez effectuer un changement de voie, cela peut vous empêcher d’avoir un accident!   L’automobiliste qui est l’auteur de la vidéo passe près, par deux fois, de se faire percuter par un véhicule qui n’as pas effectué ses angles morts ! Pour commencer, quand vous voulez effectuer un changement


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