Automotive Intelligent Video Surveillance System

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It’s a shame to have such a beautiful HD camera that offers a lot of possibilities for your vehicle, but the installation is not adequate. For example, you can have wires spinning everywhere on your dashboard, the cigarette lighter is used, your vision is reduced by the recording system, etc. That’s why CamAuPoint offers a professional installation to its customers with a 3 month warranty !


Benefits of professionnalinstallation

CamAupoint Installation

  • Free cigarette lighter socket. An on-board camera should generally be powered from the front by the 12V current of the car. Dashcams come with a power cable that is almost always plugged into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket. It is unfortunate that it is always busy when you are in your vehicle. With the installation of the CamAuPoint system, this plug will be free for any use.
  • less wires. Dashcams not only have a wire to connect to the cigarette lighter socket of an automobile, but for some models you have to add an extra cable for the GPS chip that provides the speed and location of the vehicle. This is unnecessary wires on your dashboard that tends to be ugly. That’s why the installation of all our CamAuPoint models is done making sure to leave no harmful wire.
  • Smart power. In some vehicles, the cigarette lighter socket continues to be powered despite the engine being turned off. Dashcams thus draws energy from the battery of your vehicle, which causes the user to turn on and off the camera every time he enters or leaves the vehicle. It would be a shame to empty the battery or miss the capture of an important event. This is why we make sure during installation that the system draws no energy from the battery of your vehicle, and that as long as the engine is not started.
  • Leave the camera in the recording process. For an ordinary dashcam, if your cigarette lighter socket can not be used as a power source when your engine is not running, it will be impossible for you to let the camera record when you are out of your vehicle since it will have no source of energy. When installing your CamAuPoint, you have the option to decide whether your camera is still recording when you are in or off your car.
  • Camera are much more discreet. Installing a traditional dashcam on a windshield is usually done with a bracket and a suction cup. We consider this system to be unnecessarily cumbersome, which is why we offer a vacuum-free installation that also allows you to easily remove the cameras if desired.
  • Better vision for the driver. Since our front camera requires no suction cup on the windshield, it is more discreet and is set higher than a traditional on-board camera witch gives the driver a clearer view.
  • Fuse system. With the CamAuPoint installation, a camera-specific fuse system is installed. If for any reason a short circuit occurs, whether from your camera, recording system or from your car, neither the CamAuPoint nor your vehicle will be electrically damaged! Simply replace the standard fuse.
  • Less chance of failure. The CamAuPoint installation provides a much more stable and reliable system. Unlike dash-mounted cameras that can fall for multiple reasons such as a change in temperature or a poor connection of the cigarette lighter socket, the professional CamAuPoint installation comes with the guarantee that your system will be securely placed on board !

A perfectinstall

  • Our installation is guarantee

    Our installation is guaranteed for a period of 3 month from the date of installation on your vehicle. If you encounter a technical problem with the dashcam system, our technicians are available and attentive to the details. They will give you complete satisfaction.

  • Customer service

    Our customer service is here to inform and direct you to the best of our abilities. If you need assistance to recover recorded videos, you have technical difficulties, you have questions about the best configuration for your system or you want to tell us about possible improvements, we are available from 12pm at 6pm on weekdays. You can contact us by email or our toll-free number 1-844-287-6468 !

You can reach us by email or at our toll-free number 1-844-287-6468 !

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