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The 5000-CAMAUP is in the development phase and the first limited editions should be available at the end of 2022. The reservations on the waiting list (available here) will be treated as a priority. You can also subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the page for more information on product progress.

The 5000-CAMAUP is not an ordinary dashcam . This system of four vehicle surveillance cameras with built-in GPS and accelerometer is able to intelligently manage its battery life in order to film even when the vehicle is turned off thanks to its built-in batteries. Its black box system makes it possible to secure the data against fire, theft or an accident. Video data is encrypted and stored in a way that preserves your privacy. The 5000-CAMAUP will allow you to display in real time (streaming) what is happening around your vehicle, even when you are at a distance. You will also be able to view and upload your videos from your cell, tablet or computer securely. The product will include among others the following features, the combination of which is unique on the market:

Because of its performance and coverage of the most critical aspects of security, our product is far more responsive to market demands than existing dashcams .


Our new system5000-CAMAUP

Our new video surveillance system for motorized vehicles is equipped with 4 HD cameras. In addition to recording in 1920×1080 pixels, our system uses a digital signal to ensure color fidelity. The cameras are calibrated to ensure a brightness adapted to day and night. The quality and the fluidity of the recordings are incomparable to what is on the market today. Furthermore, the flexibility of our technology will allow you to decide the location of each camera inside the vehicle, allowing you to enjoy an impressive 160-degree viewing angle for the front and rear cameras and a 120-degree angle for side cameras.

Our new video surveillance system for motorized vehicles records continuously, whether you are in your vehicle or not. Videos are recorded on an SSD drive with a minimum capacity of 250 GB. When the latter is full, the old sequences are erased to make room for the news. You can also enable syncing videos with your computer to keep your videos on a larger disk.

The 5000-CAMAUP is equipped with an SSD to store the recordings. The cameras (dashcams) are generally equipped with SD cards much slower. Their capacity usually runs around 32 GB, which equal to a maximum of 2 hours of recording in 360p at 15 frames per second. You can choose to equip your CamAuPoint with a 250GB, 500GB, 1TB or even 2TB SSD, which would allow you to store sixty times more video than traditional cameras!

Our CamAuPoint system has an internal battery lithium-ion. Most cameras in this world are rarely equipped with a built-in battery, which has the disadvantage of not being able to record what happens when you are not in your car. With CamAuPoint, you can record for 24 hours without depending on the main battery of your vehicle!

Our motion detection software is optimized to record the 10 seconds before a motion detection and the 10 seconds after the end of the movement. You will not miss any image of an event that has occurred! You can also change the sensitivity of the motion detection system in the CamAuPoint application.

Our CamAuPoint 5000-CAMAUP system also has an audio recording system. Two microphones are installed to hear the voices in the vehicle and outside with a slight opening of a window.

The CamAuPoint system uses the GPS signal to record the coordinates of the route traveled as well as the speed at each point. This route can be viewed on a Google Maps where you can for example see the speed of the vehicle according to the color of the trip. In addition, pressing any point on the route gives you access to the date, time, speed, and video for each camera associated with that time of the trip.

The 5000-CAMAUP system has Wi-Fi enabled to view your vehicle live from the CamAuPoint app. You can easily access your videos from a laptop, desktop, tablet or even from your smartphone, whether it’s an iPhone or an Android !

CamAuPoint software makes your life a lot easier. It is sometimes difficult to search for a video that has occurred at a specific time because you do not know the exact time and minutes. Our software allows you to easily search for a video among those saved. Moreover, a map of the routes your vehicule took is diplayed and allows you to select the place where an event has occurred and automatically find the associated videos!

The CamAuPoint software secures all the data it records. A username and password authentication system limits access to your sensitive data (videos, audio, GPS location and others).

It is possible to have the 5000-CAMAUP access to the LTE network to view your videos and locate your vehicle from any device with internet access.

Video example of each camera

160-degree wide-angle cameras can be installed at the front and back, extending the field of view.

We strongly advise to install our mini-camera behind the mirror, because if it is installed too close to the glass, the possibilities of having a poorer image quality increase due to the fact that a simple drop of water can blur the image. By installing the camera on the rear of the mirror, the details of the glass become less apparent and the image will be much more beautiful.

In addition, because some vehicles have a dye for sun protection, installing the camera on the rearview mirror resolves problems potentially associated with window dyeing. You can see an example of video recorded with the 5000-CAMAUP on your left by clicking on “PLAY”. Double-clicking will activate the full screen mode.

Side cameras are usually installed on the rubber at the top of the glass.

As you can see in the example shown, the side cameras record at an angle of 120 degrees. Play the video and stop it at any time (by clicking on the video) demonstrates the quality of the images recorded by the 5000-CAMAUP. Video quality is assured by recording at 30 frames per second, even for higher speed trips.

You can see an example of video recorded with the 5000-CAMAUP on your left by clicking on “PLAY”. Double-clicking will activate the full screen mode.

It is possible to configure the recording resolution of the 5000-CAMAUP. The default resolution is 1296×730 pixels. It is possible to increase the resolution by decreasing the FPS (frames per second). It is also possible to decrease the resolution, the number of frames per second or the recording quality to produce lighter videos.

16:9 format resolutions available: 1920 x 1080 and 1296 x 730.

Available 4:3 resolutions: 640 x 480, 1296 x 972, and 2592 x 1944.


Comparing an ordinary dashcam to our system5000-CAMAUP

Unlike ordinary dashcams that require the camera to be placed on the windshield, the 5000-CAMAUP model is encapsulated in a black box hidden in the case, which requires special tools to be removed. Four HD cameras are connected using HDMI cables and can be installed wherever you want. It is therefore extremely difficult to steal or destroy the recording system in order to destroy the evidence. A malicious person who wants to remove your registration system will have to spend a non-negligible time and will be more likely to be caught!

The black box system containing the recording module allows us to miniaturize the cameras used. As shown, the cameras are very small and in no way affect the driver’s vision. The cameras are very discreet and can be placed without problem in several strategic places of the vehicle.

Most dashcam have an SD card slot or Micro SD slot in which a 4 to 32GB memory card is inserted. With content of a reasonable resolution, one can theoretically return only in the last few hours at most. The 5000-CAMAUP system is rather equipped with a fast SSD of 250GB, up to 2TB! The space available for videos is therefore less limited and we can keep a longer period in memory.

The 5000-CAMAUP system is equipped with an advanced motion detection system. An ordinary dashcam records all the time, except when the engine is off. With the new CamAuPoint, you can choose to record only when motion is detected to save the system battery when the vehicle engine is not running. The task of searching for the video corresponding to a particular event is also simplified by the recording in case of motion detection. Our system will allow you to watch and hear the 10 seconds before a motion detection and 10 seconds after the end of this movement.

It’s important, especially for cars, to have excellent video quality! Most camera record at 10-15 frames per second (FPS) but it makes that we don’t see anything in low light condition. With our system, we can drop to 2 FPS !

Our built-in battery system allows you to record events when you’re not in your vehicle. The battery of a majority of cameras has a range of about 15 to 30 minutes, after which the camera turns off. With our 5000-CAMAUP model, a battery independent of the vehicle is provided to keep your CCTV system active for a minimum of 24 hours without turning on the engine. Once the vehicle starts, the battery system in the black box recharges. When the battery is low, the system goes into survival mode: video will be recorded only during an impact, a very loud sound or a triggering of the alarm system. In addition, if the LTE Connection option has been added to the system, the system can be configured to send its location, the list of the latest events, and / or a photo of each camera at specified time periods.

Unlike several models of dashcams for which you have to go in the vehicle, remove the memory card, put it in a USB adapter and connect it to the computer to see the videos, the 5000-CAMAUP allows you to view and download your videos from your living room on a device of your choice! Indeed, our new CamAuPoint is equipped with a WPA2 Wi-Fi connection system with password authentication of your choice. This allows you to connect to your vehicle and collect video content as well as all recorded informations. This allows you to download the videos on your CamAuPoint from your computer, tablet or cell phone while you are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

One or two microphones are offered with our system to provide you with excellent sound quality during video recordings!

The benefits of having access to such a security system remotely when you are not close to your vehicle are endless. Through an LTE Internet Service Provide, accessible almost anywhere, you can see and hear live what’s happening around your vehicle, locate your vehicle thanks to its GPS position and, if you wish, receive it on your mobile notifications when there’ motion detection, impact detection or trigger your car alarm system.

Our 5000-CAMAUP system can be updated automatically so you have access to new features that will be developed in the future, as long as they are compatible with your model. We are very attentive to the comments of our partners and customers in order to offer a system aligned with their real needs.

New intelligent video surveillancesystem

The prices of our new videosurveillance system

The product currently has a waiting list for installations of this product until 2018. Subscribe to the waiting list to get the product!

2 HD Camera

799.99 $

  • 2 mini camera
  • Wi-Fi module
  • GPS location
  • Speed calculation (KM/h)
  • 120GB SSD drive
  • Built-in lithium-ion battery
  • Advanced motion detection
  • Microphone System
  • Protected Videos

4 HD Camera

999.99 $

  • 4 mini camera
  • Wi-Fi module
  • GPS location
  • Speed ​​calculation (KM/h)
  • 240GB SSD drive
  • Built-in lithium-ion battery
  • Advanced motion detection
  • Microphone System
  • Protected Videos

4 HD Camera + 3G/LTE

1199.99 $

  • 4 mini camera
  • Wi-Fi + 3G/LTE module
  • GPS location
  • Speed ​​calculation (KM/h)
  • 240GB SSD drive
  • Built-in lithium-ion battery
  • Advanced motion detection
  • Microphone System
  • Protected Videos

  • Our installation is guarantee

    Our installation is guaranteed for a period of 1 year from the date of installation on your vehicle. If you encounter a technical problem with the CamAuPoint system, our technicians are available and attentive to the details. They will give you complete satisfaction.

  • Home installation available

    We are able to perform a professional installation directly to your home! No need to move to our office if you are located on the Island of Montreal or on the South Shore ! Just call us to make an appointment.

  • Customer service

    Our customer service is here to inform and direct you to the best of our abilities. If you need assistance to recover recorded videos, you have technical difficulties, you have questions about the best configuration for your system or you want to tell us about possible improvements, we are available from 10am at 9 pm on weekdays and from 10 am to 6 pm on weekends. You can contact us by email or our toll-free number 1-888-226-5009 !


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